Diwali essay

Diwali essay– Here you will know what is Diwali,why Diwali is celebrated, when Diwali is celebrated, how Diwali is celebrated, who celebrates Diwali and where, purpose of Diwali celebration, what Diwali symbolises about.

Diwali essay
Diwali essay

What is Diwali?

Diwali means “Row of lights”, popularly called as “Festival of lights”. The word Diwali derived from Sanskrit word Deepavali which is a conjugated term of two Sanskrit words such as Deepa(light,illuminates, knowledge etc.) and avali(row or series).

Why Diwali is celebrated?

Diwali was celebrated on the day before Narakachaturdasi. According to Indian myths, Narakachaturdasi is the day on which Lord Krishna and his wife Satyabhama killed demon among humans ‘Narakasurudu’ who is famous with his cruel and brutal evil acts.

              On killing that demon Krishna released almost sixteen thousand innocent women who were slaved in narakasura’s kingdom. In some myths, it was given that Diwali is celebrated on occasion of return of Lord Rama after killing Demon king Ravana.

When Diwali is celebrated?

Diwali is celebrated in Kartikamaasam season as per Hindu calendar i.e., between September and November.

How Diwali is celebrated?

Diwali is celebrated for five days, each day with its own importance. These are the five days:

Day 1: Dhanatrayodashi

                    Day 2: Narakachaturdasi

                    Day 3: Lakshmi puja

                    Day 4: Govardhana puja

                    Day 5: Bhai duj.

  •  On first day, people usually starts cleaning their house and shops premises ,buy new things such as clothes, home accessories etc. They give offerings to Lord Ganesh and Lakshmi.
  • On second day, people prepare a lot of sweets and do oil head baths,visits their family friends. Narakachaturdasi also called as chota Diwali.
  • On third day, is the main day of whole festival. On this day, people celebrates by lighting up the deepas and starts playing with firecrackers with their friends, family. Shares a lot of Happy Diwali images, wishes, greeting cards with their loved ones.
  • On fourth day, people who are married will celebrate this day with their partners.
  • On fifth day, sister and brother celebrates by wishing each other with new things.

Who celebrates Diwali and where?

Diwali is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and also all other religion people in India. Diwali is also celebrated in Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal etc.

Purpose of Diwali celebration?

On this Diwali, people will keep deepa’s Infront of their house and shops as they believe that Goddess Lakshmi will come to such houses which are clean and neat.

          So that Goddess will come to their home without any difficulty as they keep deepa’s to welcome her.

What Diwali symbolises about?

Finally Diwali symbolises about

          “victory of Good over Evil”;

         “Knowledge over Ignorance”.

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Diwali images, photos, pictures download

Diwali images, photos, pictures download 

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                  Now-a-days social media became a big platform to meet a lot new people, to know many new things, to share human emotions, for political campaigns and also for festivals, rituals etc.

Social media helps in communicating our so called loved ones, family friends, school mates etc. to connect with them and sharing such happy moments.

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Diwali images, photos, pictures download
Diwali images, photos, pictures download

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#Diwali images 2020

                      This is an image with perfect diwali celebrations captured. Beautiful lights with different colours giving a wow feeling.

It also seems to be giving a message that celebrate every moment of life because we may never know what will happen in next second.

So,enjoy every minute and also share your happiness with the people around which itself gives an unlimited happiness to you.

In this 2020 celebrations are necessarily needed because we have forgone so many unexpected problems as we all know such as Covid-19. It makes us to realise that how important our family is.

Diwali images, photos, pictures download
Diwali images, photos, pictures download

      Forget everything and enjoy this Diwali.

#Diwali images for friends

                        Friends are always special persons who shares our happy and sometimes they are responsible for our happiness also.

So don’t forget to wish your friend your Happy diwali.

Diwali images, photos, pictures download
Diwali images, photos, pictures download

#Diwali images in Rangoli

                        Rangoli makes festivals more colorful and memorable. On the day of Diwali people draws Rangoli into different designs to place deepa’s in that Rangoli, so that, at nights the beauty of Rangoli will come out.

Diwali images, photos, pictures download
Diwali images, photos, pictures download


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Diwali images, pictures,photos

Diwali images, pictures,photos

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#Beautiful Diwali images

                 Diwali is a special festival in not only India but also all over the world. A wide range  of people celebrate Diwali.

Beautiful lights of deepa’s, a beautiful designs drawn with flour on the floor along with different colours and chamkis gives an aesthetic feeling.

Beautiful Diwali images
Beautiful Diwali images


#Lovely Diwali pictures

                   A lot of people in India would desperately love in celebrating diwali with their family, friends. A big family gathering will be their on grandfather’s house starting from grandson to grandfather’s brothers and their family and so on.

                 All of them will meet their old family relatives and share their life moments happily. Starting from day one of festival to day day five of festival they will going to spend a lovely time.

Lovely Diwali pictures
Lovely Diwali pictures


#Traditional Diwali Photos

                       As per tradition, people in family gatherings wear traditional wears i.e. women wears sarees, jewellery,bangles etc. as per the tradition they follow because tradition will be different from family to family, area to area. And coming to men they will wear kurthas, panchaas, etc. as it is said in above sentences.

Traditional Diwali Photos
Traditional Diwali Photos


#Happy Diwali images

                        A Diwali will be a happy diwali only when it is celebrated with our loved ones making a personal statements with them, sharing our feelings, giving gifts what they love, having food and more..

We humans should not miss such festival as they make people closer and gives our’s feeling which makes our life happier and healthier. Don’t miss festivals.

Happy Diwali images
Happy Diwali images


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